SKG Wide Chute Anti-Oxidation Masticating Juicer Review

Adopting a design more akin to that of a centrifugal rather than that of a masticating juicer, innovation should be expected from this SKG model, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it turns out. As indicated by its 16 lbs., a weight heavier than the average juicer, it is also able to handle quantities larger than those of most masticating juicers. Starting off this process is the large feeder chute, with a 3” opening that large pieces of produce can easily be fit for processing. This is especially convenient as it spares users the potentially laborious work of cutting and slicing, and in doing so, helps speed up a process that is usually time consuming when involving masticating juicers.

The benefits of placing such large chunks of produce, if not small whole pieces, is that oxidation is prevented, entirely due to the sheer size of what being masticated. Regarding how much is actually yielded, as is true of all juicers, that depends of what fruit of vegetable is being processed, as softer textured naturally yield more than tougher material. That said, for extremely tough raw material such as carrots, a yield of up to 47% can be expected. The numbers only go higher the softer the produce is, and as in the case of oranges, it can reach as high as 90%. All of this is done at a speed of 60 rpm, slow enough to ensure that the best in nutrients and vitamins of what is being extracted is passed on to its liquid form, and the least amount of heat is passed along as well.

Powered by a capable 240-watt AC motor, the entirety of this juicer’s function is dependable, and sure to last a while. Adding to its quality core are the other durable parts the juicer is made of, including stainless steel and silicon components, aside from the PEI juicing screw. All of these are not only sturdy and long lasting, but because health is always a concern with appliances that directly deal with food, every part of the juicer is certified as safe to use. Finally, the attractive piano varnish is hard to miss, a coating just as durable as everything else.


  • Powerful motor
  • High production yield
  • Large intake capability
  • Suitable for sorbet and tofu making


Difficult to wash


Looks can often be deceiving, especially when products with catchy aesthetics also boast large capabilities, and that is precisely how this SKG juicer model can be described. Yet, after careful evaluation, it becomes clear that this juicer is anything but deceiving, as it does as much as its looks promise. The heart of the appliance is what makes this possible, as the motor’s power extends to efficient inner workings, lending to the improved outside appearance. As it turns out, the vertical design of this juicer means it is able to handle more than that of horizontal types, leaving consumers with the task of deciding for themselves which is better.