SKG Anti-Oxidation Masticating Multifunction Processor & Juicer Review

Despite being a multi-functional food processer, this SKG does not in any way deviate from its main function as a juice extractor. Juice extraction is the one function clearly prioritized over all the others. At a speed of 65rpm, its slow processing extracts high yields of juice. This is exemplified by its ability to extract up to 90% juice from fruits such as oranges. Though the numbers understandably go lower for tougher fruits and vegetables, the fact that the lowest it goes is a 42% yield (for carrots), will demonstrate a high efficiency rate to anyone familiar with these numbers.

Pulp from all this material is easily filtered out, allowing the juice to pass on to the final holding jug for consumption. The machine’s slow masticating process means that oxidation isn’t an issue, and as such, juice can be stored for up to 3 days without cause for any health concerns. Preservations of vitamins and enzymes is also guaranteed by the same highly efficient extraction method that is the hallmark of all masticating juicers. All material with which food comes into contact is also certifiably safe and free from any toxins or other harmful agents.

Before getting into what makes this processor more than just a juicer, an understanding of its internal components is needed. There is no better place to start than with its 150W AC motor. The core of this appliance works in a conveniently quieter way than would be expected, on all settings. The feeder chute at the top is fit with a wide holding cup that makes it suitable for a number of different products to easily go down. The stainless steel slicers and shredders make sure that any job can be done, and done well at that. Topping off the features list are two screwing axes. This means that it can works as a food slicer, as well as a juicer of equal versatility.



  • Multifunctional processor
  • Reverse rotation function to unclog
  • High yield and efficient pulp filtering
  • Adjustable food pusher
  • Overload protection


  • Cleaning not facilitated


The fact of the matter is that the SKG has a tough job of establishing itself as one of the best juicer makers, given the competition it faces, but with products such as this particular model, they clearly intend to keep others on their toes. This sleek appliance, finished with an attractive piano varnishing, has everything one could want from a quality juicer. It doesn’t stop there. It offers more functions, making it a complete food processor and a handy item to have in the kitchen. The high-quality material and safety measures are enough to ensure that it lasts a while, even after extensive use and experimentation with different products, something consumers are almost certainly tempted to do.