Sauce Finishing

sauce finishing

Being familiar with the sauce finishing methods you should apply when making a sauce is crucial. It really isn’t all that complicated – there are only three basic techniques – but you need to be aware of them and what each one does.


Sauces reduce as they are cooked. It is because moisture is released in the form of steam. When the sauce is reduced, it strengthens flavor and makes for some wonderfully flavored sauces.


Use a china cap or a fine mesh chinois to strain your sauces. You want smoothness in your sauces. No one likes lumpy sauces!

Monter Au Beurre

Monter au beurre (mohn-tay ah burr) is whisking whole butter into a sauce to give it shine, richness, and flavor. Everything is better with butter!

Familiarize yourself with all three of these sauce finishing techniques. Knowing which one to use, and when, will come in handy again and again.