Cooking Pork Tenderloin

cooking pork tenderloin

I often think that cooking pork tenderloin is a lost art. Everyone has a great steak recipe, or a roast chicken or beef roast recipe “to die for”. But who ever brags about their pork tenderloin recipes? I do, that’s who. I love cooking pork tenderloin, and when you finish reading this web page I … Read more

How To Brine A Turkey

How To Brine a Turkey

I’ll bet you never thought you’d be reading a web page entitled “How to Brine a Turkey”. Brining is not exactly at the forefront of current turkey preparation and cooking methods.But it should be. Just wait until you try the recipe you will find below. I predict it will become your standard Thanksgiving Day recipe … Read more

Best Steak Recipe Ever

best steak recipe ever

What’s better than a great steak? For many, the answer is, “Nothing!” But never fear, my “Best Steak Recipe Ever” is here to save the day. If you are ever going to call yourself a gourmet cook, you absolutely must know how to prepare a great steak. The method below is exactly how they do … Read more

Knife Skills For Gourmet Cooking

knife skills for gourmet cooking

Learning knife skills for gourmet cooking is very important because knives are the most important items in your tool kit. A chef can accomplish a number of tasks quickly and efficiently with a good, sharp knife. High quality knives are expensive, but will last for many years with proper care. It is because high quality … Read more

Using a Kitchen Knife

using a kitchen knife

Using a kitchen knife in the proper manner is important for several reasons. I highly recommend that you look into and learn the proper techniques, especially if you aspire to becoming a gourmet cook. When preparing and cutting food, the first requirement is a super-sharp, high-quality knife. But this will do you little good if … Read more

Principles of Stock Making

principles of stock making

The principles of stock making are really quite straight-forward and simple. Still, for whatever reason, many would-be gourmet cooks seem to draw the line here. They feel that stocks are used only by the great chefs, and that their “mysteries” must therefore run too deep for a beginner to manage. Well, let me say this … Read more

Culinary Terms Y-Z

A-B C-D E-F G-H I-J K-L M-N O-P Q-R S-T U-V W-X Yam The thick, starchy tuber of various tropical vines native to Asia and unrelated to the potato and sweet potato; it has an off-white to dark brown skin and flesh that can range from creamy white to deep red; it is less sweet … Read more

Culinary Terms W-X

A-B C-D E-F G-H I-J K-L M-N O-P Q-R S-T U-V Y-Z Wafer A very thin, crisp cookie or cracker; it can be sweet or savory. Waffle A thin, crisp, light cake with a honeycomb surface; it is baked in a waffle iron and served with sweet or savory toppings. Waldorf Salad A salad of … Read more

Culinary Terms U-V

A-B C-D E-F G-H I-J K-L M-N O-P Q-R S-T W-X Y-Z Umami (u-MOM-ee) One of the five primary sensations comprising the sense of taste; it refers to the savory taste of protein. Unbleached Wheat flour that has not been treated with a whitening agent. Unsalted A food-labeling term approved by the U.S. Food and … Read more

Culinary Terms S-T

A-B C-D E-F G-H I-J K-L M-N O-P Q-R U-V W-X Y-Z Sabayon (sah-by-on) A foamy, stirred French custard sauce made by whisking eggs, sugar and wine over low heat; known in Italian as zabaglione. Sachet; sachet d’epices A French seasoning blend of aromatic ingredients tied in a cheesecloth bag and used to flavor stocks, … Read more

Culinary Terms Q-R

A-B C-D E-F G-H I-J K-L M-N O-P S-T U-V W-X Y-Z Qouzi (koo-ree) A Middle Eastern dish consisting of a whole lamb stuffed with rice, garlic, onions, almonds, pistachios, pine nuts and cashews and flavored with baharat, turmeric, saffron, lemon juice and rosewater; a special occasion dish, it is usually roasted outdoors on a … Read more

Culinary Terms O-P

A-B C-D E-F G-H I-J K-L M-N Q-R S-T U-V W-X Y-Z Oaky A wine-tasting term for the characteristic toasty or spicy, vanilla-like aroma and flavor of a wine that has been aged in oak barrels; a moderate amount is desirable, an excessive amount is not. Oatmeal Coarsely ground oats that are cooked as a … Read more

Culinary Terms M-N

A-B C-D E-F G-H I-J K-L O-P Q-R S-T U-V W-X Y-Z Macadamia (mak-uh-DAY-mee-uh) The nut of an Australian evergreen tree; shaped like a small marble, the nut has a very rich, buttery, slightly sweet flavor and a high fat content; because of the extremely hard shell, it is usually available shelled and raw or … Read more

Culinary Terms K-L

A-B C-D E-F G-H I-J M-N O-P Q-R S-T U-V W-X Y-Z Kaffir Lime A citrus fruit; the medium-sized fruit has a knobby dark green skin; the leaves look like a figure eight, with two leaves joined together base to tip; the sharply aromatic, citrus-flavored leaves and the fruit’s rind are used as flavorings in … Read more

Culinary Terms I-J

A-B C-D E-F G-H K-L M-N O-P Q-R S-T U-V W-X Y-Z Ice Bath A mixture of ice and water used to chill a food or beverage rapidly. Iceberg Lettuce A variety of crisp head lettuce with a compact spherical head of pale green leaves that become whitish-yellow toward the center; developed in the United … Read more

Culinary Terms G-H

A-B C-D E-F I-J K-L M-N O-P Q-R S-T U-V W-X Y-Z Galantine (GAL-uhn-teen) A forcemeat of poultry, game, fish, shellfish or suckling pig, wrapped in the skin of the bird or animal, if available, and poached in an appropriate stock; usually served cold in aspic. Galette (gah-leht) 1. A round, flat, thin French cake … Read more

Culinary Terms E-F

A-B C-D G-H I-J K-L M-N O-P Q-R S-T U-V W-X Y-Z Earthenware Any of a variety of vessels or containers used for cooking, service or storage that are made of low-fired clays that are slightly porous and are usually glazed; they tend not to conduct heat well, but once hot, they will retain the … Read more

Culinary Terms C-D

A-B E-F G-H I-J K-L M-N O-P Q-R S-T U-V W-X Y-Z Cacao (kah-KAH-oh) The dried and partly fermented seed of the cacao tree grown in tropical regions of the Western Hemisphere; it is used principally in the preparation of cocoa, chocolate and cocoa butter. Cacciatore, a la (ka-cha-TOH-reh) An Italian preparation method for meats, … Read more

Culinary Terms and Definitions

C-D E-F G-H I-J K-L M-N O-P Q-R S-T U-V W-X Y-Z Welcome to my Culinary Terms pages with entries on topics such as ingredients, preparation methods, wine, cooking equipment, food history, food safety and sanitation, nutrition, prepared dishes and many more. Let me recommend a terrific resource reference book to have on hand in … Read more