Outdoor Grill Essentials


It’s summer and you’re ready for some outdoor entertaining. Do you have all the essentials ready and at hand to make your party a success? Here’s a checklist for everything you need to make sure you’re ready and raring to go whether you’re grilling burgers, smoking meat, or frying up a fish dinner. Check out these grilling essentials for a party you won’t forget.


Whether you choose a propane or charcoal grill, invest in a grill that won’t fall apart after the first season. While a lot of the cheaper grills look good they can’t really hold up to the outdoor elements. Read Consumer Reports review of grills if you’re unsure.

Gas vs. charcoal, which is better? It really depends on your needs. Grills are more convenient than charcoal grills, since they are turned on with a knob. But charcoal grills are less expensive, are easier to transport, produce a hotter fire and create that charcoal-grilled taste that a propane can’t match.



Propane for gas grills and charcoal briquettes for charcoal grills.

Chimney starter


Good-bye, lighter fluid. This upright metal tube from Weber is Amazon’s Best Seller. It lets you start your coals with only a few sheets of newspaper and a match.



Grilling forks pierce the meat and causes those flavorful juices to leak onto the grill and not into your mouth. A better bet are stainless-steel tongs. They offer gripping power and sturdiness. Make sure you get a long-handled pair so you don’t burn fingers.



Anyone grilling needs a sturdy, reliable spatula to flip those burgers. What makes a good spatula? One that is sturdy and not flimsy, so it can slide right under that filet of fish or burger without bending. Silicone and metal spatulas are great choices for grilling.

Long-handled basting brush


If you can’t find the long-handled basting brush, Amazon’s Best Seller comes with silicon gloves so there’s no worry about burning fingers. 16.99 and five-star rating with 80 reviews.

Long-handled stiff-wire grill brush

Instant-read thermometer

Amazon’s Best Seller with five stars and 495 reviews:

Fire extinguisher


Grease flare-ups can quickly become dangerous so make sure you have an extinguisher on hand for emergencies.

Paper towels


Keep a roll on hand for wiping up spills, barbecue sauce, and grease.

Clean up still a problem? Not with this silicon cooking mat. It’s the only Non-Slip, Never Stick, No Mess, Dishwasher Safe Grill Sheet You’ll Ever Need. Perfect for Cooking, Baking and for the Barbecue and just $14.97 for two. I use these in the oven for any spills. They’re great and make cleanup a real breeze.

Aluminum foil


Protect delicate foods like fish and prevent small items like vegetables from falling through the grate by wrapping them in aluminum foil before placing them on the grill. Costco sells pre-cut pieces in a big restaurant-style container. One box will last the whole season.

Garbage can


For quick cleanup, keep a trash can—with a tight fitting lid—outside near the grill.