Omega J8008 Heavy Duty Masticating Juicer Review

Made of steel and grit, as the chrome coating clearly indicates, the Omega 8008 is a tough solution to a very delicate process that requires the utmost efficiency to be worth anyone’s while. Going through the entire process, we beginning with the feed chute at the top. Though this pipe isn’t very wide, so slicing and dicing is needed to fit solids through. It does have a wide holder at the top to make things easier. Since the juicer is suitable for a number of different materials, this top piece is especially convenient as it helps channel ingredients that would otherwise spill over. The slow masticating process is done in two stages to ensure the most amount of juice is extracted and is then put out in its purest form.

The first of these stages is the actual extraction, done with an efficient chewing motion that is known to extract up to 30% more than faster processing juicers. The result is juice containing a high amount of nutrients and vitamins. This high yield is produced in a way that minimizes oxidation and makes for a product that can last for 2-3 days without spoiling. The second stage involves filtering out all the pulp from the raw material. The strainers allow only liquid to pass through their steel mesh. They are able to eject pulp out through a front outlet, the final step of this highly efficient extraction process.

This juicer’s commercial grade motor is encased in GE Ultem auger, a plastic 8 times stronger than others, which shows how much quality material is used in the composite of this juicer. This tough make is what enables the juicer to process anything from a soft orange to a tough carrot. All the parts that come into contact with food can easily be detached and washed, allowing the juicer to maintain its shiny look during its long lifespan. The final product is high in quantity, nutrients, and vitamins, and low in pulp and froth.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Rubber feet at bottom
  • Suitable for various fruits and vegetables
  • Durable build


  • Easily clogs

A reverse function would be nice with this juicer, but given how small it is, it is bound to have certain limits. Where it has no limits, however, is with the quality of juice it produces. In retaining all its richness, it extracts the tastiest juice a natural juicer can produce, and in high amounts, too. The entire process is easy for anyone to work with, and using it is beneficial to one’s health. It is ideal for just about everyone.