Hurom HZ Slow Masticating Juicer Review

The height of Hurom’s advanced technological features is expressed in their HZ model, a slow masticating juicer. It incorporates high-tech features that give us a good indication of what to expect from future models from this pioneering company. Once the juicer is connected to an AC power source, and its 150W motor kicks into gear, the juice extraction begins at a rate of 43rpm. Despite being a cold and hard machine, the slow rate at which it processes ingredients imitates that of manual juice extraction, which results in a high amount of juice yield — more than if one were to hand squeeze. This automatic machine is able to extract juice from foods that traditionally would be impossible to juice, such as carrots and leafy vegetables, all while retaining the same comparatively efficient results.

Apart from the Slow Squeeze Technology, the HZ also features Alpha technology that extends its usability to make it suitable for making ice creams. Three LED indicators, placed on the outside of the stainless steel exterior of the juicer, serve to show the different stages in processing and help guide users in order to make the experience easier and much more enjoyable.

The construct of the juicer, though not familiar in shape, certainly has all the components one can expect from Hurom’s masticating juicers. The feed chute that allows different ingredients through it. A widened plate is fit atop of this piece to make channeling such ingredients easier, since the width is somewhat narrow. The chamber is as large as it needs to be, fitted with strainers of the highest quality, and exit routes for both juice and pulp that make no mess from the top to the bottom of the piece.

Cleaning is as convenient as using the rest of the juicer once taken apart, an easy affair in and of itself. Consumers will find no difficulty in taking care of the what remains in pulp and residue before leaving it ready for their next juicing session.


  • Stainless steel finish and durable build
  • High yield and efficient extraction
  • Juice suitable for up to 72 hours of storage
  • Silent operating AC motor


  • Clogging an issue with some ingredients

Despite one or two innovative features that aren’t included in other Hurom juicers, the HZ model still offers the same reliability that more seasoned users have come to expect from a top-of-the-line juicer, a description that befits this product well. Its shape can also be logistically advantageous as it assumes a rectangular form not common to many masticating juicers. As a simple juice extracting machine, of course, it works as well as any other. If this is just a sneak peek at what Hurom has to offer by way of advanced juicers, then the future promises to be a much healthier and tastier place indeed.