Hurom HU-100SB Masticating Slow Juicer Review

There are few juicers that offer as many bonuses and extras as this one does, and for honest reviewers and experienced product inspectors, that might set alarm bells ringing. It is usually the case that with such products, all the additional accessories and the like are included to distract consumers from a faulty or otherwise unimpressive product. Fortunately, that is far from being the case with the Hurom Hu-100SB. This juicer really is a great product on its own, as will be evidenced by all the standard features we will delve into before mentioning all that comes with it.

The holder above the feed chute is one such standard feature. It has a greater depth than most, allowing the many ingredients down into the chamber. From there, the 150W motor kick starts its functions, processing at a speed of 80 revolutions per minute. This slow masticating process yields the usual high amount of rich juice, with the same nutrient rich promise every Hurom product makes. It operates quietly. As previously mentioned, it can be used to process a number of different foods, adding to its function as a juice extractor. These include making milks, sauces, marinades, and even baby food.

The design of the juicer itself aids in what is already an easy device to use, such as the large handle at the back, as well as useful inclusions such as the nesting juice and pulp containers. The durable material is BPA-free, so all the health benefits of using this juicer are not lost by entering into contact with potentially harmful material.

There is clearly a lot going for the HU-100SB without the need to include items such as the recipe booklet, the extra coarse strainer, the convenient vegetable gloves, the bonus tofu press, or the DVD pack and one-month subscription to an online channel featuring related content. The fact that it has all this simply goes to show how much can be included in the single purchase of a juicer.


  • Versatile applicability
  • Efficient extractor with silent motor
  • Bonus material
  • Self-cleaning feature with cleaning brush


  • First strainer easily clogs

Showing off as many features as it does, not even counting all the added stuff, it is clear to see that the Hurom HU-100SB was made for juicing enthusiasts. The fact that it was designed with all it has isn’t enough, though, as there needs to be a substantial amount of quality consistency with all its features. Since it is built from the most durable material, with components that pose no health hazards, the durability of the juicer is unquestionable. It allows users to safely appreciate every single one of the many benefits it offers.