Hurom HP Slow Masticating Juicer Review

Assuming a softer look that most other Hurom juicer designs, the HP is also more compact than other slow masticating juicers. This does not imply that it is less efficient than the best juicers. The first sign of how effective it can be is found in its motor, a 150W piece that powers all of its operations in a pleasantly silent way. The low speed auger does a great job of extracting juice in the most efficient way possible by simply chewing hard raw material into a pulp that can easily be filtered to produce the desired juice. This is one of the hallmark features of this juicer.

It yields as high an amount of juice as is possible, all due to its meticulous extraction, as evidenced by the dry pulp that remains. The quality strainer, apart from doing a great job of filtration, is also resistant to the many factors that would quickly degrade it and affect its lifespan. Despite its appearance, it is also able to do more than just juicing. It can make milk from almonds or make sorbets, functions one wouldn’t expect from a compact sized machine that gives off the impression it is more limited than it actually is. The durable build and quality components allow for the versatility it boasts and its functions.

The utilitarian use of the of the juicer is one of two aspects that make this a quality product and an attractive option for those looking to get started on this healthy habit. The second aspect is just how neat of a device it is to have around. It is both convenient and technically useful. Features in its design aid in such qualities and add safety to the mix. Such safety measures include duplicate safety sensors that only allow the juicer to operate once all the pieces have been assembled properly.

Since the entire structure can be easily taken apart and put back together again to make cleaning easy, this is a feature that really cannot be missed. The machine also features a built-in cooling system with integrated heat vents to prevent overheating.


  • High yield and quality juice
  • Durable auger build
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Masticating process does not involve blades


  • Small feed chute and clogging with some ingredients


The Hurom HP slow masticating juicer is a cute solution to what can often be a tough challenge, with results that testify as to why it is worth the investment. It is a slow masticating juicer, with among the slowest processing speeds to be found. Those looking to get the absolute most out of their fruits or vegetables will undoubtedly find this an exciting offer that perfectly embodies all a juicing enthusiast will look for. The remaining features then serve more as a bonus that adds value to a piece that at its core is undeniably valuable.