Hurom HK Masticating Slow Juicer Review

The Hurom HK juicer is stripped of all superfluous features in its design, leaving only the bare skeleton of a juicer, something that many will find to be more advantageous than anything else. Size is the most evident of the juicer’s positives. It is immediately clear to see that it does not take up much space, measuring a mere 6.7×9.8×15.6 inches, making it easy to fit wherever it needs to be. This compact size does not at all compromise the juicer’s ability to function, as is made clear once it is put to use. The Slow Squeezing Technology kicks into gear once the 150W AC motor switches on, processing at a speed of 43 revolutions per minute, providing the most efficient results.

The company promises that the machine will yield up to 35% more than what one would get without the patented Slow Squeezing technology. Not only is a high amount of juice promised from the least amount of raw material processed, but the slow masticating method in which juice is extracted also ensures that a high amount of nutrition is retained. This includes vitamins and enzymes, and because the cold-pressing procedure involves little heat transference. The juice is suitable for storage for up to 72 hours.

The juicer’s build is pretty sturdy. It has an impact-resistant ABS plastic body that does well to shield the equally durable interior components, including the heavy-duty strainer and auger plastics, the latter known to be 8 times stronger than most traditional plastics. Convenience isn’t lacking from all that the Hurom HK has to offer either. Apart from its handy size, it is easy to use, and it operates silently. Furthermore, what simple pieces it is comprised of are easy to take apart, wash, and put back together again.

Safety also takes multiple forms, including duplicate safety sensors that automatically disable the juicer’s ability to function if the pieces haven’t been put together properly after dismantling. This is one of the many features that contribute to this juicer’s durability. It also has a built-in cooling system with integrated heat vents that prevent overheating, though that is something that is rarely needed as the very nature of the HK’s slow motor already generates the minimal amount of heat and prevents the need for much cooling.


  • Highly efficient extractor
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Built-in safety measures
  • Operates silently


  • Limited in use as a food processor

The Hurom’s HK model, unlike other products of the kind, is strictly a juicer. Despite the lack of versatility, its ability to concentrate on its main task in extraction makes it better than any other, as should be made clear by the exterior design that features no more than it needs. All this makes it ideal for everyday use as part of a healthy routine. Given how durable it is, that use can extend for a beneficially long period of time.