Do you have a deep desire for your dish? Gourmet cooking is for you!

gourmet dessert“How to Cook Gourmet” is an amazing website, my pride and joy. Here I offer you an abundance of information on how you can become a gourmet cook without going to culinary school. I offer video demonstrations, secret tips and techniques learned in culinary school, along with plating instructions, fabulous gourmet recipes and much more!
gourmet appetizer

My name is Kathy Davault. I am an award winning chef, and have enjoyed cooking for over 30 years. I decided to go to culinary school to become a chef because I knew there was more to cooking than just following recipes.

Chef Kathy

Recent Gourmet Award Award Winning CookieIf you are serious about cooking, and would like to be considered a real chef without going to culinary school, let me show you how. You will truly leave a lasting impression on your family and friends, and become the talk of the party with your fabulous dishes.

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