Comparison On High End Cookware

Using the right cookware can mean the difference between a great meal and a one that makes you yawn. It can be deceiving, because if you’re not an experienced chef, many of the pots and pans available look alike, but are worlds apart.

The type and quality of the material that the cookware is made from, along with the thickness of the material have a huge impact on the cookware’s performance. Having an understanding of the difference in the types of high-end cookware options will aid in your purchasing decision.

Different Types Of Cookware

There are lots of different types of cookware to choose from and the main difference is the material used.  Here are some of the most common cookware materials on the market today.

Stainless Steel

Benefits: Easy maintenance, doesn’t react with food, and is resistant to corrosion, rust and stains. It’s also dishwasher friendly although it may dull its natural shine.

Cons: not a good conductor of heat and can develop hotspots.

Cast Iron

Pros: Heats up quickly and retains heat better than any other type of material used in cookware today.

Cons: Difficult to maintain, can rust and must be seasoned before use.


Pros: Distributes heat evenly and responds quickly to temperature changes.

Cons: Requires maintenance and can react to certain foods and change the color or taste of what you’re cooking.


Pros: The obvious pro is that food doesn’t stick to the pan and the less obvious pro is that because foods don’t stick, you don’t have to add oil or fat so is a good choice for people watching their weight or dieting.

Cons: Scratches easily.


Pros: Excellent conductor of heat.

Cons: Prone to scratches and dents and can react with certain foods.

No matter which material you chose for you high-quality cookware, there will always be pros and cons, so you should evaluate the benefits vs. the disadvantages as it applies to your type and level of cooking.

Here are some cookware options to consider:

Duxtop Professional Stainless-steel 17-piece Induction Ready Cookware Set Impact-bonded Technology

Reasonably priced at $259.99, instead of the usual $599.99 and has 100 reviews at almost 4 stars.

Rachael Ray Hard Anodized II Nonstick Dishwasher Safe 14-Piece Cookware Set, Orange

With 567 reviews and coming in at just under 4 stars, this reasonably priced option seems like a winner if you don’t mind the color orange.

Cuisinart CTP-11AM Copper Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 11-Piece Cookware Set

This copper set is having a deal price of $399.99 instead of the usual $859.00 and has a high rating with 55 customer reviews.

Le Creuset Signature Cherry 10-Piece Set MS14SLT10-67 , 10-Piece

More expensive choice at just under a $999.95, but as heavy as this set is the free shipping is a real bonus.  You can’t go wrong with a Le Creuset cookware set.