Knife Skills For Gourmet Cooking

knife skills for gourmet cooking

Learning knife skills for gourmet cooking is very important because knives are the most important items in your tool kit. A chef can accomplish a number of tasks quickly and efficiently with a good, sharp knife. High quality knives are expensive, but will last for many years with proper care. It is because high quality … Read more

Using a Kitchen Knife

using a kitchen knife

Using a kitchen knife in the proper manner is important for several reasons. I highly recommend that you look into and learn the proper techniques, especially if you aspire to becoming a gourmet cook. When preparing and cutting food, the first requirement is a super-sharp, high-quality knife. But this will do you little good if … Read more

Principles of Stock Making

principles of stock making

The principles of stock making are really quite straight-forward and simple. Still, for whatever reason, many would-be gourmet cooks seem to draw the line here. They feel that stocks are used only by the great chefs, and that their “mysteries” must therefore run too deep for a beginner to manage. Well, let me say this … Read more