Breville BJE820XL Juice Fountain Juicer Extractor Review

Quality is a number’s game, and that is what make the Breville BJE820XL Juice Fountain excel; it has the numbers playing on its side. The most prominent of these numbers is 1,200, the number of watts the juicer’s motor boasts, a number that is indicative of a lot of good things. One of the benefits of such a motor is in the speed at which the cutter disk can be set, and with a knob that can be easily turned to that speed at five different levels, ranging from 6,500 rpm to 13,000 rpm, the juicer’s suitability to handle just about anything placed in it at a conveniently fast rate is unquestionable. The numbers extend to the juicer’s two featured disks, with the unique purée disk, suitable for softer fruits, accompanying the standard titanium-reinforced cutter disk that is made to tackle tough fruits and vegetables.

This unique dual disk feature, with five speed capabilities, would not be possible were it not for the 3” feed chute that allows for large chunks of produce to fit through it for processing. The centrifugal design makes this task straightforward and easy, so as not to waste any more of your time as is necessary.

Large numbers continue to crop up in the form of the juicer’s large capacity pulp container, able to handle up to 3 liters, which means that users benefit from continued use without interruption as filling the container would take a lot of juicing. Furthermore, the jug it comes with can hold another 1.2 liters of juice, after which its portability makes it easy for use either to serve drinks directly or for cool storage. These parts of the juicer are also easily detached, which means cleaning is a fairly easy process.

Also featured are a stainless steel filter basket, made with mesh that blocks out pulp to only allow the juice to flow through; the jug also has a foam separator to ensure that it is filled up with pure juice. Safety takes the form of a safety arm, one that locks the juicer’s functions when the feeder’s lid is open, a power cord that clips into position at the base, and a built-in overload protection that automatically shuts down the juicer when overloaded and the risk of overheating is high. Aside from that, as an assurance to rid anyone of safety and health doubts, all material used in the construction of this juice extractor is BPA free.


  • Heavy-grade metal build
  • Dual cutting disks
  • Powerful motor and 5 speed settings
  • Direct feed central system


None recorded


It is very rare to find a product that nearly attains perfection, to the point that it is hard to see how it can get better, and that is exactly the kind of product the Breville’s BJE820XL Juice Fountain is. This juicer is truly one of a kind, and that makes all the difference.