Breville BJE200XL Fountain Centrifugal Juice Extractor Review

There are many functions a juice extractor has to perform, and while the Breville BJE200XL does it all, it does exceptionally well with regards to its revolutions per minute (rpm), which should be indicative of its potential to handle the toughest of jobs. At 14,000rpms, enabled by the 700-watt motor, you can be assured of the juicer’s capacity and quality. The titanium cutting disc sits above the heart of the extractor, its motor, where it is able to receive large chunks of either fruit or vegetables, if not whole ones, and effectively begin the process of turning it all into juice.

The rpm rate would be for naught if it were not for the 3” circular tube that enables you to feed the juicer with large pieces, making the entire juicing process quicker while also making it easier, as time and effort does not have to be spent cutting items up into small pieces. A featured mesh filter, with spaces that allow only liquid to pass through, means that once everything is liquefied, and before it is transferred into a holding jug, pulp and froth are filtered out to ensure that pure juice is what you get once the extractor is done.

Measuring 9.5” by 8.75” by 16”, the BJE200XL extractor is relatively compact, especially when considering all it can do; this is only one of many convenient aspects about this juice extractor. Aside from being able to fit anywhere in the kitchen, it has a simple design that makes for easy and straightforward use, making it ideal for beginners and young people looking to juice fruits or vegetables on their own. A simple switch turns the machine on and juice is then poured into a jug that is independent from the rest of the piece, making it easy to carry anywhere. The jug, along with other detachable parts of the extractor, is dishwasher safe.

A custom cleaning brush is included in the kit to make for a complete number of convenient features. For those with quality concerns, aside from the guarantee that neither the cutter nor filter will rust, the plastic parts of the extractor are also reassuringly BPA free.


  • Compact and simple design
  • Large 3” tube
  • Titanium cutting disc
  • 14,000 rpm capacity
  • Stainless steel micromesh filter


Powerful function can make a mess


If a product’s main fault is that you have to hold down the top because the motor function is so powerful that whatever is being juiced is likely to shoot out of it, then that can hardly be found to be a fault, although some may find it an inconvenience. The overall design of this juicer would then make up for that, as the clever features all make using the Breville BJE200XL easy, as all who use this extractor would agree. Add this all to the guarantee that it is bound to last a long time while it tackles just about any kind of fruit or vegetable, and you have one of the best juice extractors available.