Best electric knife sharpeners

As a rule, before buying a kitchen appliance, we usually ask our friends’ opinion – they probably already own one and can give us a good piece of advice. But it is not that often a case with knife sharpeners – despite numerous advantages of having them, not that many households possess one.

But since you are reading the article dealing with the ways to choose the best electric knife sharpener, you are probably not afraid to let the innovation into your life. So here are the main steps you should take before making a purchase.

  1.  Take out all your knives, including the ones you have not been using for a long time. Also, walk around your flat and house looking for items that you wish to get sharper. Now that you have all in front of you, it is much easier to define the sharpening needs of your cutlery and tools.
  2. To narrow your choice down to a smaller number of items, you should know some classification principles of the appliance you want to buy. In the case of knife sharpeners, this is very easy. They can be of two kinds- manual sharpeners and electric ones.
  3. Handheld ones are cheaper, portable, easy to use, and do not require using electricity. Electric knife sharpeners offer more flexibility and are perfect if you are going to sharpen a lot of items at a time.
  4. Find quality sharpener reviews. If you come across the ones that have a particular structure – you are sure to save a lot of time. The thing is that most information you require can be found in the product description section. So read product descriptions of different knife sharpeners as well as their advantages and disadvantages and your choice is as good as done.
  5. Read customer reviews. The customers may have found some peculiarities of this or that item that are not reflected in product descriptions. Besides, good reviews often contain tips on making the life of a knife sharpener and its components longer. And look at the photos. Mainly if you have laid your eye on a massive device – this will probably be kept on the countertop and consequently should blend into your kitchen interior.

On completing all these steps, you probably already have an idea of your ideal knife sharpener. If you want to buy any knife sharpener matching with the interior of your kitchen, you should look for the design and color of it carefully. Electric knife sharpeners are available in different colors. Most basic colors of knife sharpener are black and white, but you can also find red, beige, white, and other colors.

As far as the design is concerned, it is better to look for a compact size which will not take a lot of space in your kitchen but work effectively. Nowadays, the knife sharpener comes with stylish models with attractive colors.

It would be best if you chose a knife sharpener based on how you want to use it. Electric kitchen knife sharpeners are available for both home and commercial use. The design, features, and price of these knife sharpener are different than each other. For household use, a simple knife sharpener with fewer features is an ideal choice.

So, this is it. Now you certainly are ready to buy a knife sharpener as well as give your friends advice on choosing one.

How to choose a professional electric knife sharpener?

When selecting a professional knife sharpener, find one that can process different angles and lengths. Choose a good quality electric sharpener that can withstand the aggravation on the sharpening wheels, which is calculated on the amount of use required.

Something which contains ceramic or diamond on the sharpening surface usually has the most excellent quality to withstand prolonged use. Select the grit size according to your needs if you plan to bring perfection to your knives daily, more frequent usage would require a more durable grit to remove more metal from the blades.

Consider which type of knife needs sharpening

Straight edged knives do not last if serrated knives. While serrated knives do degrade slowly in time, they will eventually need to be sharpened. If your serrated knives are used more than often, you can consider buying a sharpener to ease the burden of sharpening them manually.

Frequent sharpening will ensure that your knives and blades are in tip-top condition and ready for use anytime. Using a manual or electric knife, sharpeners can save you a lot of time and money. There is no waiting involved as opposed to sending it out to be sharpened. Your tools will be ready to use on the spot if you do it yourself.

Once you have completed this simple procedure, you will quickly formulate the requirements your best knife sharpener should meet. See to it that nothing from the following is overlooked-

  • the quality of your knives and the materials they are made of,
  • the number of bevels you need,
  • the types of tools you need to sharpen and
  • the amount of money you are ready to spend on the knife sharpener.

Remember, one of the final things you need to consider when buying electric kitchen knife sharpeners is their construction. Sharpeners can use stones, steels, or diamonds to sharpen the knives. It is best to use knife sharpeners that are constructed with diamonds. They will remove metal more efficiently than the other varieties without causing any damage to the blade.

Best electric knife sharpener in the market

When looking for a knife sharpener, you will find out different models and types of it. So, choosing the best knife sharpener for your needs sometimes can be difficult. Here, we have compiled few best electric kitchen knife sharpeners in the market. You can check this out and choose the suitable one for you.


To sharpen the knives with great ease, this knife sharpener is a great choice. With this budget-friendly knife sharpener, knife sharpening is like a game. It comes with a patented edge grip, which helps you to sharpen knife instantly in place. You will get to sharpen the knives with the two-step process. The carbide blades will allow you to sharpen the edges of knives and ceramic rods will hone it.


This kitchen knife sharpener is the lifesaver for you if you have different types of knives in your kitchen. It can sharpen both straight and serrated knives. It is a popular choice for the chef as it ensures reliability, safety, and durability. The 2-stage sharpening process provides the best result. The non-slip cushion at the bottom keeps the device at its place and don’t move while the knife sharpening process. The easy to grip handle minimizes your effort while sharpening the knives. Even the hardest and blunt edge can be sharpened easily with this knife sharpener.

What we like

  • Both honing and polishing are possible with this knife sharpener. It comes with two wheels. One is coated with diamond, and the other one is with the ceramic honing feature.
  • If you are looking for even sharpening, this knife sharpener is the best choice for you.
  • This knife sharpening tool is very easier to use. Even a beginner can use it very comfortably.
  • The compact size of it allows it to store any place in the kitchen.
  • After completing the sharpening process, the knife comes out with a very neat and polished state.
  • The base of this tool is stable. So, sharpening a knife is easy without the risk of slipping.
  • Both serrated and straight knives can be sharpened with this tool.
  • The ergonomic design and easy to use the feature are sure to attract anyone.

What we don’t like

  • It doesn’t come with any instruction or manual.

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

Those who are looking for a sharpening tool both for knives and other types of blades used in the kitchen can consider Work Sharp Knife & tool sharpener undoubtedly. This tool is versatile and also adaptable with different types of blades out there in the kitchen. It can sharpen curved, straight, and different shaped knives and blades easily.

This tool allows you to take full control of sharpening your knives and different patterned blades. You can sharpen the knives and blades precisely the way you want to do. The speed of the motor used to power the knife sharpener can be controlled easily.

If your blade gets rust and other objects, you can eliminate them quickly, powering the edge at high speed. For smooth and sharp finishing, you can select a lower speed on the knife sharpener. The sharpening angle can be changed to get the perfect sharpness of the blade.

What we like

  1. Different types of knives, blades, and other tools can be sharpened easily with this knife sharpener.
  2. The sharpening angle can be controlled and adjusted easily.
  3. Three flexible bands are used for fine, medium, and coarse sharpening.
  4. The speed of the motor can be adjusted for grinding and honing.
  5. The users will get a firm grip while working with it.
  6. It is a versatile machine and can be used for different purposes.

What we don’t like

  1. This knife sharpener is not suitable for beginners.
  2. This is a bulky tool comparing to other knife sharpening tools.


Kitchellence knife sharpener comes with a 3-step sharpening system to sharpen knives in the best possible way. The three slots work in three areas. The first one is the diamond sharpening rod, which repairs kinks and other visible damages. The second slot works on restoring the shape of your knife, and the last slot offers smooth polish. This knife sharpener is very easy to use. It also provides service for a long time.

What we like

  1. A three-step sharpening system offers excellent outcomes.
  2. This tool is highly reliable and durable.
  3. The ergonomic handle keeps the sharpener in its place.
  4. It is a cheaper knife sharpener.
  5. It works great on the ceramic knives.

What we don’t like

  1. Serrated knives can be sharpened with this knife sharpener.

Chef’sChoice White Electric Sharpening Knife Sharpener

For the beginners, who want to sharpen both serrated knife and 20-degree straight-edge knife, Chef’s Choice White Electric Sharpening Knife Sharpener is the right choice. Using this knife sharpening is more comfortable than other different types of knife sharpeners.

This knife sharpener comes with a written manual where detailed tips about using it are listed. It ensures the smooth edge of the knife. However, during the sharpening process, your blades might get some scratches. So, it is better not to sharpen your expensive knife with it.

What we like

  • It comes at a very affordable price.
  • It works perfectly on different types of knives.
  • Following the manual, it is easy to use.

What we do not like

  • The knives might come out with scratches after the sharpening process.

Smith’s CCKS 2-Step Pocket Knife Sharpener

Smith’s 2-step pocketknife sharpener is popular for its ergonomic design and easy to use the feature. The two-step knife sharpening process includes two slots: one for restoring dull blades, and the other for providing smooth and sharp edges.

This pocket-knife sharpener comes with non-slip rubber feet. It keeps the tool firm on its position. The compact size and lightweight feature offer ease to users while using this tool.

What we like

  1. Using this knife sharpener is simple and easy.
  2. The comfortable grip allows you to hold the knife sharpener steadily.
  3. This knife sharpener lasts long and durable.
  4. It offers great versatility to the users.
  5. Consistency can be ensured for a long time with this knife sharpener.

What we do not like

  • This tool is messy and hard to clean.

AccuSharp knife sharpener

If you are looking for a versatile and reliable knife sharpener, the Accusharp knife sharpener is for you. For daily usage, this is the ideal choice. It is made of sturdy materials that can be used for a long time. For its versatile nature, this knife sharpener can sharpen kitchen knives to any gardening tools easily. The compact size and lightweight feature allow it to take anywhere. So, you can travel to places with it easily.

What we like

  • This knife sharpener is very cost-effective but provides professional result like an expensive knife sharpener out there in the market.
  • This knife sharpener comes with a lifetime guarantee and warranty.
  • The replaceable blades can be changed anytime.
  • This is a versatile knife sharpening tool.

What we don’t like

  • During the sharpening process, it removes a lot of metal.
  • While using this tool, one should put slight pressure.

Numerous advantages of using an electric knife sharpener

If you use several knives at your kitchen, a knife sharpener is a must for you. You can get many benefits using this small kitchen equipment. Some advantages of using electric kitchen knife sharpener are given below-

Easy to use – Before, electric knife sharpener, people used to sharpen a knife manually. Sharpening knives manually is difficult and takes a lot of time. It also requires some specific skill sets. However, with the electric one, sharpening knives has become easier than ever. It doesn’t require any special skill, and also people can sharpen their knives in no time easily.

Comfortable and convenient – Sharpening knife is not that easy as it seems. Previously, we had to go to the specialist at a shop to sharpen all our knives. But with the invention of an electric sharpener, now we don’t have to go anywhere, but we can get this job done at our home comfortably.

Now the question is, are you able to sharpen your knife like the professional? Well, the answer is yes! With some practicing and following the manual, anyone can sharpen their knives like professionals using this knife sharpener.

Cost-saving – The electric kitchen knife sharpener is popular because it comes at a very reasonable price. We all must use different knives for different purposes in our kitchen. Taking these knives out for sharpening is time-consuming and costly. Again, you don’t have to throw away the dull knives and buy a new one.

If you have a knife sharpener at your home, you can sharpen it anytime quickly. At the end of the day, it is saving a lot of money in the long run.

Ensures safety – Using blunt knives is extremely risky. You must put much pressure while cutting something with blunt knives. Sometimes it might lead to a serious accident as well. The manual process of sharpening knives is not risk-free also. So, if you are looking for a safe option for sharpening knives, you should get an electric knife sharpener. It does not only reduce your effort but also ensures great safety during the knife sharpening procedure.

Flexibility – A knife sharpener can offer you flexibility. Not only knives but any kitchen appliances having a sharp edge can be sharpened with an electric kitchen knife sharpener. You can also use it at your convenient time.

Saves time – A sharp kitchen knife can save your time and effort both in the kitchen. With a sharp knife, you can cut things faster. This saves your valuable time in the kitchen. Having a knife sharpener in the kitchen, you don’t have to wait for sharpening your knife, and you can do it anytime you want.

So, having an electric kitchen knife sharpener can speed up our work at the kitchen. Cooking is more fun and easier when you can cut and process the ingredients of your food fast. And this is only possible when you have sharp edge knives. To get sharp knives, the role of a knife sharpener is undeniable. Reading the above guide, you will be able to decide the best electric knife sharpener for you.