“The Big Game” Party Appetizers

Greetings Everyone: This month's newsletter is all about making some delicious party appetizers for your "BLOWOUT" party! As The Big Game is fast approaching, I can't wait to start planning the dishes! Gotta have chips and … [Read more...]

Other Sauces

Here are a few recipes for some of my other favorite sauces . . . Pan Gravy - Pan gravy is a sauce made by de-glazing pan drippings from roasted meat or poultry and cooked with a roux and a liquid. Procedure for Preparing … [Read more...]

Favorite Gourmet Sauces

As you grow as a gourmet cook, you will find yourself developing a list of your favorite gourmet sauces. Every now and then we all run across or invent a sauce that turns out be especially yummy and versatile. These will become a … [Read more...]

Cooking Food With Wine

The main reason for cooking food with wine is the benefit of added flavor! When you are cooking food with wine, there is one basic rule to remember: always use a good wine. That doesn't mean you have to use an expensive wine, … [Read more...]

Tips for Cooking Lamb

When it comes to cooking lamb, I am always amazed at the number of people who automatically and fervently proclaim their distaste for the idea. All they know for sure is that they don't like lamb. Period. Every now and then, … [Read more...]