Food and Wine Pairing Chart

Here's the basic food and wine pairing chart that I use. It covers almost everything you need to know. Of course, one never stops learning about these pairings, but this is a very good place to start. White Wines The … [Read more...]

Favorite Gourmet Sauces

As you grow as a gourmet cook, you will find yourself developing a list of your favorite gourmet sauces. Every now and then we all run across or invent a sauce that turns out be especially yummy and versatile. These will become a … [Read more...]

Dry Aged Beef At Home

Did you know you can make dry aged beef at home? And why would you want to anyway? Well, if you've ever gone to a serious steakhouse and tasted their steaks you know the depth of flavor is remarkable. It is because they use dry … [Read more...]

Marinades and Rubs

Too many cooks, especially folks who dutifully take care of preparing family meals, overlook marinades and rubs. I personally love the wonderful results I obtain merely by paying a bit of attention to my meat or seafood prior to … [Read more...]

Beef Tenderloin Cooking

I probably shouldn't do this, but I am going to share a secret method of beef tenderloin cooking with you that will wow everyone you feed it to. Consider this a "Thank You" gift from me for visiting this, my new website, my labor … [Read more...]