Between automated temperature control and apps for cooking, and now Bendy Tableware, we’re really seeing advances in cooking technology. I saw this and knew I just had to get a Glop as soon as it comes on the market.

What is a Glop, you ask. Berta Julià Sala is a Spanish designer who created a line of platinum silicone kitchen vessels that embodies the term “multi-tasking.” Glop is a set of five, non-breakable, malleable food containers: a cup, a bowl, a dish, a bottle, and a big bowl. What makes Glop unique is that its softness and flexibility lets you change its shape based on how you want to use it. Glop’s’platinum silicone material allows you to change objects’ shapes with simple gestures like a pinch at the top to create a spout, folding sides together to pour, and closing the top to act as a shaker.

Sala designed the set to have clean lines and simple form. The name is playful, the color fun and the material is soft to the touch. The line was designed to encourage play and experimentation. It’s kind of like putting a bunch of silly putty eggs on a table. Of course everyone’s going to play with them! You can even use the same flexible vessel for multiple purposes, cutting down on the number of bowls you need to use and wash.

What can you use Globs for? Lots of useful things, like pouring, mixing, serving, straining, storing, preparing, eating, and drinking, among many other possibilities.

Confused? Here’s some examples how Glop streamlines the food preparation and serving process:

  • Designer Sala says that you can rinse off cherries, scrunch the soft silicone top together, strain the water out, and then use the bowl to serve. One bowl – three uses.
  • You could sit down with a Glop bowl filled with soup, and then squeeze the top of the bowl together and drink the broth.
  • By pressing the edges of the cup, you can pour liquids and oils into a glass or bowl without spilling.
  • You can mix a salad by ‘closing’ and shaking the big bowl and then serve your tossed salad right from the Glop salad tosser.

Glop is still in its infancy, and Sala is actively looking for a manufacturing partner. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray scoop up this idea and use Glops in their line of kitchenware products. Produced, packaged and marketed properly this could be a huge winner in the home cooking supply market that could really transform the way that we think of utensils and their rigid forms and singular uses that kitchen utensils have historically had.