10 Best Blenders of 2017

One of the most useful and versatile small appliance that you could have in your kitchen is a blender. You can do a lot of things with it, from making smoothies, milkshakes, and blending food for different recipes. You can use … [Read more...]

Top 10 Charcoal Grills of 2017

When it comes to grilled dishes, the classic smokey flavor of a charcoal grill can’t be replicated by other types of grills. This makes this equipment unique, irreplaceable, and a must-have for most homes. However, shopping for … [Read more...]

Aren’t They Just Pots and Pans: Is Expensive Cookware Worth the Price?

There’s an old adage that “You get what you pay for.” This couldn’t be any truer when it comes to cookware. If you wander into any “big box” store you can probably find a slew of pots and pans, including complete sets, for … [Read more...]

The Dirt on Potatoes

Potatoes come in a huge assortment of colors, flavors, and textures; and like apples, certain varieties are better suited for certain recipes. It’s important to choose the right potato for the recipe. The quantity and differences … [Read more...]

Deep Fryers – Are They Worth the Money?

Some small kitchen appliances are worth the space they take up in the kitchen and that’s true with deep fryers. We all know we should avoid fried foods and too much fried food is not a good thing. But sometimes, nothing quite … [Read more...]

FDA bans trans fat

The Food and Drug Administration announced that the food industry has three years in which to totally eliminate all artificial trans fats from food products. This comes as a big win for consumer groups who have worked diligently … [Read more...]

Common Cooking Mistakes Made By The Impatient Cook

Overcrowd the pans Since as food cooks it releases moisture you need to leave plenty of room for the steam to escape. When you’re impatient or in a hurry, it’s tempting to overcrowd a pan, especially when you have a large … [Read more...]

Electric Hand Mixer vs. Stand Mixer: Which Is Best?

When it comes to choosing between a hand mixer and a stand mixer, both are very practical kitchen appliances. Basically, it comes down to price, versatility and function. Each type of mixer has its own pros and cons. Here's a list … [Read more...]

Steak Buying Tips for the Home Cook

With summer right around the corner that more means steaks on the grill. Do you know how to choose the best steak? Get Chummy with your Butcher Don’t be afraid to ask the butcher for help. Even if you buy your steak at the … [Read more...]

Decorating Outdoor Spaces for Summer Parties

Summer’s here and that means you’ll be spending a lot more time outside. When the weather is nice, nothing beats outdoor entertaining. Here are simple ways to create a wonderful and inviting outdoor space for summer … [Read more...]

The Big Difference Between Ice cream and Gelato

Is gelato just the Italian name for ice cream? Or is there more of a difference than just the name? There actually is a difference in both how they taste and how they’re made. If you’ve ever eaten gelato, it’s got a denser, … [Read more...]

Clever Kitchen Gadgets

A really clever kitchen gadget is not only ingenious but helps you do a job in the kitchen that is annoying and time consuming. These clever gadgets get the job done and look awfully cute in the process. These are perfect gifts … [Read more...]

Gotta Get a Glop? Shapeable Tableware For Multiple Uses

Between automated temperature control and apps for cooking, and now Bendy Tableware, we’re really seeing advances in cooking technology. I saw this and knew I just had to get a Glop as soon as it comes on the market. What is a … [Read more...]

Automated Cooking with an App

What do you think about a smart knob that fits right onto your gas or electric range and automatically monitors and adjusts the cooking temperature through the use of a special app on your smartphone?  It’s sort of like a Nest … [Read more...]

Indian Food Doesn’t Use Overlapping Flavors

The Washington Post published a very interesting article about why people around the world love Indian food so much. It’s more than just the subtle comingling of unique spices and blends of spices. In an analysis of more than … [Read more...]

5 Cool Kitchen Gadgets under 25.00 That You Must Have in Your Kitchen

Precision Kitchenware - Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Dual Julienne & Vegetable Peeler with Cleaning Brush & Blade Guard With 1,668 customer reviews on Amazon, this julienne and vegetable peeler came in with at 5 stars … [Read more...]

Mandolines for Slicing – Good Idea or Bad?

You don’t need to be a fancy chef to want to cut, dice and waffle-cut vegetables and fruits into uniform and even slices.  Besides the fact that uniform ingredients make a more attractive appearance, when used as ingredients in … [Read more...]

Comparison On High End Cookware

Using the right cookware can mean the difference between a great meal and a one that makes you yawn. It can be deceiving, because if you’re not an experienced chef, many of the pots and pans available look alike, but are worlds … [Read more...]

Are Vitamix Blenders Worth The Money?

What exactly is a Vitamix blender and why purchase one of them over a regular blender? According to Newsweek, Vitamix users are in a cult of their own Here’s what they report: How Does It Work? The curved bottom creates a … [Read more...]

Why Are Food Trucks So Popular?

Food trucks are at all-time high when it comes to delicious meals at a reasonable price for a generation that seems to always be on the go. Americans are a demanding group, especially when it comes to our food. Food trucks are … [Read more...]