Got the Winter Blues? 7 Options for Cooking Indoors

Who doesn’t love a good grilled steak or even veggie kabob?  It’s something about a grill that makes even the most hesitant cook step up and want to give it a try.  But right now, 2016 is off to a very frigid start with an epic … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Carving!

Forty years ago, pumpkin carving was a little simpler.  Take a pumpkin, empty out the “guts” that are inside of it, and then carve a crooked smile, nose, and eyes.  But in the past decade, pumpkin carving has become an art form … [Read more...]

Decorating Outdoor Spaces for Summer Parties

Summer’s here and that means you’ll be spending a lot more time outside. When the weather is nice, nothing beats outdoor entertaining. Here are simple ways to create a wonderful and inviting outdoor space for summer … [Read more...]

Five Healthier Ways to Make Chicken Nuggets

We’ve all read McDonald horror stories but did you know that Chicken McNuggets contain an industrial chemical? According to Natural News Special Report, they state that McDonalds’s Chicken McNuggets are made with ingredients … [Read more...]

Dying Easter Eggs Using Nature’s Colors

We spent Saturday dying Easter eggs at the, Valley Crest Farm and Preserve using an organic approach to decorating them. The host of the workshop, Marija Aksena, a Lithuanian-born artist and farmer, taught us the old-world … [Read more...]

How to Make Delicious Pizza at Home

We’ve been making pizza at home for a long time.  Making homemade pizza using prepared dough is a quick and easy dinner to make any night of the week. Almost any grocery store sells frozen dough and many sell fresh dough. I’ve … [Read more...]

Cook Like A Pro With These Easy Steps

Invest In Quality Tools Instead of buying lots of cooking equipment you’ll never use (Where is that nutmeg grater, anyway?) invest in a few good tools. Things that get lots of use, like knives and pots and pans, are worth … [Read more...]

Homemade Limeade

Nothing quenches your thirst as much as homemade limeade.  We love it in our family, and when we add just a teaspoon of salt to the recipe, it’s even that much better. It makes the perfect refreshing drink.  Made with limes, … [Read more...]

How To Carve A Turkey

Thanksgiving just wouldn't be complete without the holiday turkey so here are a few facts for you about a turkey and instructions on how to carve one. How much turkey is considered a serving? As a rule, allow 1 1/2 pounds of … [Read more...]

Oven-Dried Tomatoes

If you become as addicted to these delicious oven-dried tomatoes as I am, you will try to come up with many ways to use them in your cooking. In quiches, salads, egg dishes, pastas, couscous, rice, salad dressings, appetizers and … [Read more...]

Cooking Roast Beef

When cooking roast beef, why serve a plain roast, when a crusted one is just as easy and much tastier? When I am entertaining, a crusted roast is one my favorite things to serve. They are always impressive – yet they don't ask … [Read more...]

Interviews With Chefs

What better way to learn about gourmet cooking than with actual interviews with chefs? They have an abundance of knowledge to pass along with their many years of experience. The interviews showcase each chefs different … [Read more...]

Sauce Finishing

Being familiar with the sauce finishing methods you should apply when making a sauce is crucial. It really isn't all that complicated - there are only three basic techniques - but you need to be aware of them and what each one … [Read more...]

Other Sauces

Here are a few recipes for some of my other favorite sauces . . . Pan Gravy - Pan gravy is a sauce made by de-glazing pan drippings from roasted meat or poultry and cooked with a roux and a liquid. Procedure for Preparing … [Read more...]

How To Make A Cheese Tray

With the holiday season fast approaching, entertaining is in full swing! You want to celebrate with good friends and good food, but you don't want to spend weeks in a panic! RELAX! Starting out with a cheese tray is very easy and … [Read more...]

Moist Heat Cooking Methods

There are four basic moist heat cooking methods. Moist heat refers to applying heat to food by submerging it into a hot liquid or by exposing it to steam. All four procedures are integral to a professional chef's cooking … [Read more...]

Matching Food With Wine

As a budding gourmet chef, you simply cannot overestimate the importance of correctly matching food with wine. It is amazing how getting this right enhances the flavor of both the food and the wine. It's almost magic. Wine … [Read more...]

How To Make Preserved Lemons

Preserved lemons are lemons that have been pickled in salt and their own juices. Salt is a powerful preservative; its presence stops or greatly slows down the growth of many undesirable organisms. Many Moroccan and Middle … [Read more...]

Uses For Herbs and Spices

Below I'd like to share with you the basic list of uses for herbs and spices that I started with. Their proper use leads to better-flavored and distinctively different dishes. Developing a natural sense of when to use which … [Read more...]


Garnishing is simply any attempt to add color and/or flavor so as to accent or dress up a dish you are serving. A garnish ties everything together! Whether you are cooking at the White House or just at your house, it can go a … [Read more...]